Photo taken by Kirsten Telan in Zion National Park, 2020

The Good Fight

Kirsten Telan


A battle rages on a field of matter,

White and grey will split and scatter,

Channels blocked a science find,

Who wins this battle within the mind.

Lives are lost as fear takes hold,

Silence a thief that can steal one’s soul,

The valley of death grows cold and dark,

Fog rolls in as the thunder barks.

So much to win, so much at stake,

Some call it sin, some call it fate,

We don’t yet know what this thief may take,

But what we have is the mind we make.

Do not give up your will to fight,

This is a battle between the dark and light,

The feelings of fear will lose their grip,

Once you decide to save your ship.

You know that light and hope are real,

As you fight this fight, some things will heal,

Science keeps prying the door to the mind,

It is with eyes wide open, we look, we find.

But what we need is an open heart,

The path to victory, a step, a start,

Love is the weapon to win this war,

Love is the key to this front door.

Love lights a torch in the dark of one’s night,

As friends and family join in on your fight,

When faith follows hope, the darkness will fall,

The battle will pass, as love conquers all.

Anxiety hides underneath a forced smile,

While darkness lurks below a strained light,

Have patience we know the fight lasts awhile,

Victory seems distant but not out of sight.

So be kind to all of those you meet,

Whether in their homes or on the street,

You never know the path of silent pain and strife,

Felt by those who must fight for life.

🌟This gorgeous piece was written by my husband, Patrick Telan.



Kirsten Telan

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